When even WGBH notices a problem, you know it’s serious:  “In Newton, Young Trump Supporters Are Online Targets.”

Unfortunately, a certain sub-section of “progressives” who would be horrified at the idea of bullying anyone for anything….in the abstract…feel completely comfortable calling Republican children names, making offensive comments, and in general harassing them.  While for the past few years we’ve seen increasing intolerance towards Republicans–particularly since last year’s election–including stealing political signs, keying cars, and general name calling, we are now getting reports from children being harassed in middle school.

Support.  Educate.  Demand.

Our goal is to SUPPORT all our children, reassure them that there are many Republicans in this city who agree with their views.

Then EDUCATE them to provide reasonable responses when they are called names or accused of being “racist” because of their economic beliefs.

And we will DEMAND that the schools and city take these reports seriously, investigate them fairly, and enforce all anti-bullying regulations.