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What we’re working on NOW:  Help us make a difference in Newton this year!

Local Elections

This year, we have one Republican, Jim Cote, running for re-election to the City Council.  In addition, in every contested race, we invite the candidates to make their case and decide which is closer to our values and more open to listening to our viewpoints.


NO on Charter Question

The Charter Commission elected last year to re-write government in Newton has finished its job, and it’s now up to all voters to say yes or no.  We recommend NO.


Anti-Bullying Campaign

Whether it’s the shock of their loss in last year’s election or it’s revelation to them that not everyone outside their bubble agrees with them, a subset of intolerant progressives has taken to bullying, including Republican children in high school and even middle school.  See what we are doing about it.


NRCC Mayoral Debate

November 4th, 2017|

The Newton Republican City Committee & the Sons of the American Legion hosted the last Mayoral Debate on Thursday night, at Post 440. Our own Al Cecchinelli was the moderator. The debate can be viewed [...]

Friend a victim in the NY terrorist attack

November 4th, 2017|

Martin Marro, who hosted the fundraiser for Councilor Jim Cote last week, was severely injured in the terrorist attack in New York yesterday. Marro, an Argentinian native, was in New York for a school reunion.  [...]

Jim Cote Fundraiser

November 4th, 2017|

We were honored to have Governor Charlie Baker come to Newton to attend a fundraiser for our own Councilor Jim Cote, at the home of Martin Marro.

Newton is divided into 8 wards, with most roughly corresponding to village centers.

If you don’t know your ward, you can go to the City of Newton page to find it.

The Republican City Committee has 8 ward chairs, with individuals in that ward serving as part of their committee as well as being part of the whole City committee.

We would love to help you be involved!

Chair Tom Mountain
Vice Chair Susan Huffman
Vice Chair Sande Young
Recording Secretary Anil Adyanthaya
Corresponding Secretary Debra Shapiro
Treasurer Bob Bombara
Ward 1 Chair Mark Cestari
Ward 2 Chair Alan Dechter
Ward 3 Chair Traute Marshal
Ward 4 Chair Josh Norman
Ward 5 Chair Susan Huffman
Ward 6 Chair Debra Shapiro
Ward 7 Chair Daniel Groob
Ward 8 Chair Terry Sack



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