While this is a non-partisan election, we want to remind you that there are two Republicans running:

  • Alderman-at-Large Jim Cote (incumbent), in Ward 3
  • Susan Huffman, for School Committee, Ward 5.

Both races are city-wide, so please vote for our fellow Republicans!

When looking at other contested races, we have looked for people who, while not necessarily conservative, are independent, open-minded, community oriented, and not part of the Establishment.  And in some races, we’ve simply chosen the least “progressive” candidate.

Our suggestions:

Ward Alderman, Ward 1
Allan Ciccone, Sr.Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Jacob Auchincloss
Lynne LeBlanc

Alderman-at-Large, Ward 3
James Cote (R)
Julia Malakie

Alderman-at-Large, Ward 5
Brian Yates
Christopher Pitts

Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
Frank Wolpe
David Kalis

School Committee, Ward 2
Margaret Albright

School Committee, Ward 5
Susan Huffman (R)

22 candidates will be on the ballot for 9 spaces on the Charter Commission.  This commission, if approved, will open up the city’s constitution (charter) and have the ability to re-write anything within it, from the number of Aldermen to what body controls zoning permitting.  The updated charter will then be brought to the people for a single up or down vote.  Because of it’s importance, many people who have not been involved in politics before have stepped up; many of them have impressive records of volunteering in our schools and charitable organizations and  might be wonderful additions to the commission.  However, we have set up a recommended list of 9 people we feel have a record of being open-minded, not part of the establishment, or have a specific strength that sets them apart.

Our recommended 9 (ballot order):

Groot Gregory – Highlands Area Council, STEM advocate, scientist
Tom Sheff – an old friend; the man who pushed to get this commission
Christopher Steele – deep knowledge of Newton’s business development side
Joshua Krintzman – his day job is reviewing city charters for the state
Rhanna Kidwell – co-chair of the LWVN charter study; deeply knowledgable
Peter Harrington – served on the previous charter commission, independent
Charles Shapiro – former alderman, independent thinker
Megan Risen Meirev – local volunteer, new to politics
Ken Parker – former alderman, in-depth knowledge of the city, non-establishment

5 deeply “progressive” establishment candidates we strongly urge you not to vote for:

Jane Frantz
Bryan Barash
Brooke Lipsitt
Howard Haywood
Anne Larner

The other candidates:

Miles Fidelman
Karen Manning
Lisa Teuscher Gordon
Linda Jordan Kraus
Kathryn Winters
Wenhua Zhang
George Mansfield
Peter Bruce

Please pass on this email to all your contacts and urge them to vote for independent, fresh voices for Newton!

For more information, contact info@newtonrepublicans.org.

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